What to do during your stay


Direct access to our mall with more than 200 stores, pharmacy, food court, restaurants, movie theater, entertainment and a wide variety of services to meet your every need. By just walking a few steps, you will have access to wonderful stores, entertainment and gastronomy options offered by the Centro Comercial Las Trinitarias; go to the movies, eat with friends or go shopping; you will always have something to do! 

Direct access through the lobby. Visit our website: https://cclastrinitarias.com/



This was the nation's contribution to the World Expo in Hannover, Germany in 2000. Created by local architect Fruto Vivas, the three-story glass-and-iron structure has 10m ‘petals’ – when the hydraulics open the flower, it’s 39m in diameter – more impressive at night when bathed in green, tropical floodlights. It houses thousands of plants, fish tanks, a library and an amphitheater inside. [Source: Lonely Planet]

It is located 2.7 km (five minutes) away from the Hotel.



At a hight of 62 meters, it is the tallest sculpture of a Catholic Virgin in the world executed breathtakingly in 3D kinetic style art. As a bonus, you will have an amazing 360° view over the city.

It is 4.2 Km (ten minutes) away from the Hotel.



This beautiful church is one of the most visited, as it is the sanctuary of the Divina Pastora, one of the most followed Marian dedications in Venezuela and Latin America. Every January 14, the day of said virgin, a great procession departs from there towards the Cathedral of Barquisimeto; It is estimated that some 3 million people participate in the 7.5 km route.

Located 4.2 km (fifteen minutes) away from the Hotel.



It is the first major project built by Jahn Bergkamp. Completed in 1968 and consecrated on January 14, 1969 by Cardinal José Humberto Quintero Parra, it received the Divina Pastora on its opening night. It is a fairly advanced engineering work for its time. It’s located on Venezuela Avenue between Simón Rodríguez Avenue and 30th Street in the city of Barquisimeto.

Located 6.5 Km (fifteen minutes) away from the Hotel.



This township is known for the sale of crafts, particularly for the confection of the wonderful fabrics used by indigenous people to make hammocks. Tintorero owes its name to the ink used to paint the threads of the vibrantly colored fabrics.

Located 44 Km (forty minutes) from Hotel Trinitarias Suites.



Here, in addition to enjoying the cool climate that surrounds the town, it's also possible to enjoy the views of the Quibor Valley, eat the state's best native cuisine, and go horseback riding, which is one of the town's biggest attractions. It should be noted that Cubiro is one of the oldest towns in Venezuela, founded in 1545 by Diego Lozada, founder of Caracas, the country's capital.

It is 70Km (one hour and a half) away from the Hotel.



In this small rocky desert, you will be able to enjoy incredible landscapes while hiking through a place where thousands of myths and legends have emerged, shaping this land full of color and magic.

Located 80.6 Km (one hour and a half) from the Hotel.



Its attractions are very varied, from wide valleys that contrast with mountains of wooded vegetation to its slopes where rivers and streams descend that form lagoons and fun waterfalls. During the tour of this natural space, visitors can see an impressive column of smoke visible from the town of Sanare 10 kilometers away, known as La Fumarola, unique in our country.

Located 90.5 km (two hours) from the Hotel.



Within the Dinira National Park, located between the states of Lara, Portuguesa and Trujillo, lies the Cascada del Vino, one of the most visited sites by tourists. Here, you will enjoy red tinted waters falling from a height of 90 meters. The waterfall, combined with the cool climate that surrounds it, offer an unparalleled experience to its visitors.

It is 128 Km (two and a half hours) away from the Hotel.



“Este hotel es espectacular, sus precios van acorde a los servicios que ofrecen, la comida es excelente, sus áreas cuidadas y los empleados son respetuosos y muy amables, 100 por ciento recomendable”

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